How this album was made?

Many users ask how this album was made, but there's nothing extraordinary here. Here are some of the most frequently asked ones.


How to use a "Theme image", that's not in the album?

In jAlbum use the right-click -> Use as Folder image command to select the image that's used as "Theme image" – you might have know this trick already. But did you know you can exclude this image too, to avoid showing up within the "normal" images? Yes, just "exlude" it (with minus key or right-click -> Exclude), and jAlbum will take care of and creates the image anyway.


How to put folder descriptions below the thumbnails?

That's also an easy one. Just increase the number of colums so there is no space left for the text and Turtle will automatically push them below. Settins / Images / Thumbnail layout / Columns = 4 will probably do the trick.


How can I create a "custom" page, like this one?

Right-click within the thumbnail area in jAlbum and select New page -> Empty page. Then you can enter the page content in the Caption, comment box below the picture in Edit mode. You can even edit the HTML template (.htt) file to, by double clicking its icon. If you plan to use HTML code in the "comment" (you can!) make sure to turn off Advanced / Preformat texts on Pages, Album info and Footer, otherwise the formatting can easily mess up the code.


How the "About me" page was made?

Similar to the Custom page, but there's a template exists for this: choose New page -> About.htt. Rename it to whatever you like, e.g. About me.htt. In order to display your own photo create a new folder, called res the root of the album. jAlbum knows that it's a special-purpose folder and will not include it in the album. You can use the files added in this folder however. If you add your own photo (resized to fit), named as author.png, the About.htt template will automatically pick this up and use in the design. If you happen to named it differently or using JPG format, just double-click About.htt and specify another name after ${resPath}/ ... .


How can I use the Album info window?

By clicking that little i button on the header a little popup window will come up, that's useful to display copyright info, and such. Enter the text or HTML content in the Header / Album info window box. You can use jAlbum variables too. I also used the folder thumbnail here: <img src="folderthumb.jpg">.


How the link to my Email was added in the footer?

Just add to the Footer / Custom link / URL and Email to the Text box below.


How to add the top menu?

Use the Settings / Turtle / Site / Show top navigation option.


How to set up the Facebook commenting?

That's tad more complex. Basically you need to enable it on the Settings / Turtle / Social / Enable Facebook commenting and get an App ID from Facebook. More details here: Facebook commenting in Turtle. You'll find all the other sharing options too on this page.


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